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Sep 6, 2021 4:03:46 AM | 4 Minutes read

Kerry White joins EKCS as Head of Accounts and Creative Operations

Kerry-White-EKCSKerry White, Head of Accounts and Creative Operations in the UK and EMEA, joins EKCS from Tag. Kerry started her career in London as a Graphic Designer for a creative agency, before moving to New York.

At Williams Lea Tag, Kerry progressed through a variety of positions from Studio Manager to Operations, Implementation to Production Director. It was here that she was responsible for some of the largest Global Beauty and Retail Accounts, which she continued to look after on her return to the UK. 

We speak to Kerry to find out how she is settling back into her native home, talk about reverse culture shock, and find out all about her role at EKCS.


What did you enjoy most about nine years living and working in New York?

I enjoyed progressing my career, developing new skills and learning new sides of the industry. There were so many areas I didn’t have exposure to, prior to leaving London. In my free time I enjoyed experiencing the ‘Real NYC’ - this is where I developed a love of Handball (or ‘Wallball’, as we refer to the sport in Europe). I got to meet such a diverse range of people and cultures, which the average New York expat wouldn't have experienced. It was quite literally a life-changing decade.

I also loved to travel, and toured all over the US for Handball competitions. In my free time, I also got to see so many new and exotic places quickly and easily, and this made for some really memorable trips.


What are the differences between the US and UK agencies?

The fast-paced nature of the industry in the US was pretty ruthless, but exciting to be a part of. Some of the client relationships were second to none, and you’d feel like a true partner to many.


How are you finding life back in London?

It’s been wonderful being back with family and old friends, although it’s also been a testing time - returning in the midst of a global COVID-19 pandemic! I’ve brought back my love of sports, as I’m now England captain for Women’s Wallball. It's been hard to continue to compete within the Handball scene in the UK with all the restrictions, but it has resulted in me finding a new and exciting sport that I've really started to embrace - Padel Tennis. I’m told this is the fastest growing sport in Europe.

Of course I do miss New York. I’ve made such good connections with so many people over in the US, who I miss dearly and consider them to be my US family.


Any big differences between US and UK clients or generally?

Honestly, there's not a huge difference - but I would say that the pace of the work and the way we used to work with clients was always much faster in the US. US clients appear to make quicker decisions and be bolder about making the ‘bigger changes’. Back in the UK, everything feels a little more considered.


What are you enjoying about EKCS so far?

I love new challenges and testing myself, so it’s been really exciting to get involved with a new company, get back into UK business, and really embrace and observe the wonderful inter-company relationships you guys have here, between the onshore and offshore teams.


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