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Jul 22, 2023 6:31:33 AM | 5 Minutes read

Michael Storey joins EKCS

Introducing Michael Storey, senior consultant at EKCS


Michael Storey knows a thing or two about in-house agency challenges and building big brands. After all, he was head of creative and branding at Ocado, the world’s largest pure-play online grocery retailer

It was there that he built and grew a large integrated creative department and ran it for 12 years. Michael has worked in e-commerce which is insanely high velocity and which demands joined-up creative across multiple channels. He has steered the brand, worked with countless senior stakeholders, and led large transformation projects. 

During his career as a creative leader, copywriter, and editor, Michael has produced countless campaigns and delivered thousands of assets for go-live. Who better to understand the challenges our clients face and create solutions to solve them?

As a senior consultant, Michael will be exploring creative solutions for our partners’ leadership, providing strategic marketing support, and working with our in-house agency clients on their creative production outsourcing needs. 

We speak to Michael to find out what he hopes to bring to EKCS and why he is learning Irish. He also tells us about his love of music and thirst for knowledge. Although he didn’t study sculpture at Saint Martin's College, he holds an English language and literature degree from the University of Sheffield.

Where are you from?

I grew up on the edge of Manchester, a city with an incredible history of radicalism, industry, innovation, and culture. The city helped to form my politics, my love of good football (yes, I’m a 'Red' which means I support Manchester United), and my eclectic taste in music, which stretches from rock to indie to techno, goth, opera, and a bazillion other things.

What do you hope to bring to EKCS?

Something old, something new. Everyone I’ve met at EKCS so far has been kind, inclusive, eager to help, and a real team player, and I’d like to think I bring those qualities too. As for the new, I spent many years building and leading a large, busy in-house creative department, and I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with my new colleagues.

Why are you looking forward to working at EKCS? 

I love to help. I love being part of a team. I’ve got a curious mind. I love to solve problems. I’ve got half a lifetime of creative, branding, copywriting, and creative ops know-how to share. Now I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to use all those qualities while helping other creative teams grow, evolve, and scale in partnership with EKCS  – I can’t think of anything better!

It sounds like you’re a creativeholic; do you get free time outside of work?

Yes! I like to spend quality time with my wife and son. I like to spend time with family and friends. I am also a ferocious reader. I usually have about five books on the go at the same time, usually a mix of work, fun, and history books. I’m currently reading the John Higgs book about The KLF, the maverick 90s pop group that famously burned a million quid. 

I have a real thirst for knowledge. I particularly love almost anything to do with maps, history, and language. I’m learning Irish at present to connect with my mum’s heritage; she’s from Cork. And, when it comes to languages and cultures, I love to travel, to explore, to see, smell, taste, and experience new places. I travelled around the world in my 20s and love to get away when I can.


So, that’s Michael! We look forward to Michael bringing something old and something new to EKCS. And we are safe in the knowledge that he won’t be bringing something borrowed or blue (you can take the man out of Manchester...). 

With this exciting new addition to the team, Michael gives us real insight into the world of in-house creative teams and enables us to understand how to service our clients better. 

To find out how EKCS and Michael can help you, get in touch with EKCS today. 



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