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Jan 20, 2023 8:30:00 AM | 7 Minutes read

Podcasts to make you a better creative leader in 2023

Creative leaders will all drive for increased creativity in 2023. Improving creativity is a top resolution for brands and in-house agencies, and our top podcasts will show you how you can be more creative in 2023. The 'Big Five' isn’t reserved for game reserves. Grab a coffee or jump in the car and tune in to these inspirational podcasts.

1. An Innocent Afternoon with Carol Feely, Global Head of Creative, Innocent Drinks

Grab a banana smoothie and listen as Carol reveals all in this insightful podcast. From making marketing that doesn't feel like marketing to how she deals with imposter syndrome. In the most downloaded/listened to podcast in the first seven days of going live, Carol speaks about delegating creativity from a young age. When many graduates embarked on a rite of passage trip to Ibiza, Carol spent her annual leave doing work experience for agencies. It paid off. Jump ahead to today, and Carol heads up a team of 24 based in London and Europe. What's her secret to killer marketing“Our team manifesto is to make marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing,” declares Carol. 

Listen here


2. Embracing Marketing Operations with Kylie Turnauer, Director of Marketing Operations, McKesson

In this podcast, we meet Kylie who leads marketing operations at McKesson, a global healthcare organization. Kylie reveals all. Never in her wildest dreams did this history major picture herself where she is today. Tune in for her perspective on bridging the gap between strategy and creativity and why she believes Agile is the wave of the future. It's hardly surprising that this podcast had the highest number of listens in 2022! 

Listen here


3. A Tale of Transformation with Carlos Ricardo, Head of Marketing Services & Creative Production, HP

In this episode of Inside Jobs, we learn how Carlos came to lead marketing services and creative at HP. Carlos set out from a young age to become a global marketer, influenced by his father and his multi-country upbringing. From “cola wars” campaigns in Brazil to the digital transformation of a bank in Spain, Carlos meets challenges head-on. At HP, he transformed an upstart production organization in India into a flexible, cost-efficient, global in-house agency. Carlos's podcast received the second most number of listens in 2022. 

Listen here 


4. Learning Through Acquisition with Jon Gordon, VP of Creative Services, FAT Brands Inc.

In this episode, we meet Jon. an award-winning ECD and storyteller with 20 years of external agency and in-house experience. These days, Jon spends his time leading the internal agency at FAT Brands Inc., a global franchising company that develops fast-casual dining experiences across 17 global restaurant brands. Jon reveals how his eyes were opened to what a creative person can contribute when working closely with marketing. He discloses why building trusting relationships with key stakeholders makes all the difference at work.

  Listen here


5. Agent of Change with JR Curley, VP of Brand Marketing & Creative + Content, FabFitFun

JR grew up on the move and spent his early years absorbing different cultures around the globe. An artist and self-confessed computer nerd, he broke into graphic design and soon discovered the in-house model. Since then, JR has launched his own company and transformed a large creative group. He currently leads brand marketing for FabFitFun, a curator of beauty, wellness, fashion, fitness, home, and tech products for consumers. His podcast is a favorite among our Inside Jobs followers. 

Listen here 


About the Inside Jobs Podcast 

Inside Jobs is a podcast about in-house agencies and the people who lead them—featuring industry influencers, creative directors, and marketing executives from the top global brands. Get to know the people who are shaping the in-house industry. The podcast is hosted by Robert Berkeley, CEO of EKCS and they are brought to you in partnership with the In-House Agency Forum (IHAF). Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Overcast. 


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