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Apr 20, 2022 1:00:15 AM | 2 Minutes read

The Importance of Keeping Creative In-house

Does your artworker really want to resize print adverts or your web developer create
multiple banners when they could be working on ideation and other creative elements?

Could in-house production be getting in the way of creativity? In March 2022, EKCS asked delegates at Creative Operations London what their biggest challenges were for their team right now. In the ‘challenges for IHAs in a post-pandemic world’ survey, 27% of IHAs said ‘finding time for creative work.’ 

IHAs consist of talented individuals and therefore they should always be leading creative strategy. A EKCS poll conducted in April 2021 showed that one-fifth of IHA leaders still felt that they were mainly a production entity, running as a centralized production team over and above being creative-led. A real value of an IHA is bringing creativity close to the brand and selective outsourcing works in the best interest of the brands and their IHAs.

Improving efficiency is one of the biggest challenges that creative teams face. Outsourcing your production design workload to offshore resources is a cost-effective way to quickly increase your resource pool. Offshore partners typically have access to large pools of inexpensive resources with specific training in production design.

To find out more about outsourcing, download our guide. It looks at the benefits of outsourcing, what to consider in a production partner and tips on how to get started with outsourcing. 


To find out more about outsourcing and explore how it can help your team to solve production challenges

Download our FREE GUIDES. They look at the benefits of creative production outsourcing, what to consider in a production partner, and tips on how to get started with outsourcing.

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