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Sep 14, 2021 8:30:13 AM | 4 Minutes read

Express KCS is now EKCS

So you may be wondering: what drove us to rebrand? You could say we’ve outgrown the old image.  Express KCS has come a long way since the early days in 2003, when we provided production support for publishers and newspapers. As a production partner now firmly within in-house external agencies as well as forward-looking media companies, the look and feel of the existing brand simply wasn’t in line with our offerings anymore.

Express KCS wanted to create something that not only reflected a more modern approach (not necessarily just about ‘express’ or speed), but that also reflected the very reason we get out of bed every day. And why anyone else should care. A branding that made it clear we share the goals and values of our clients.

Your trusted creative production partner Express KCS is now EKCS. Rest assured, clients will benefit from the same “express” service as before. Our branding also recognizes our greater role as a provider of production solutions to our clients. One such example is MediaFerry, our award-winning, cloud-based automated workflow offered to clients. Our rebrand is part of our plan to  take our business to the next level. The team has given considerable thought about how to create a brand identity in line with our company vision, mission and values.


What's in a name?

We think quite a lot. Changing a company name can be a big undertaking and there’s always a chance it could sacrifice the brand recognition we have already built up over the past 18 years. 

The new shortened and to-the-point name EKCS signifies what we are doing - we help our clients to perform at their very best. The cue came from many clients, who have called us EKCS for quite a while now!


New website

According to the Marketing Rule of 7, a prospect will need to have five to seven brand interactions before a prospect remembers a brand, so we have taken steps to ensure we haven’t changed it too far from our original look and design. The new corporate website offers a clearer interface, simplified content and layout as well as vibrant new imagery.


New identity

Design trends play a major role in how clients perceive EKCS and all it has to offer, which is why we have updated our logo. So now our logotype is a simple yet strong mark with a clear personality that combines: truth, honesty, warmth, precision and fun.

Robert Berkeley, CEO of EKCS says “Rebranding has given us the opportunity to evaluate, research, rethink and revitalize the foundation of who Express KCS were as a business. It’s clear that over the years, we have evolved. Now our brand identity represents who we are and reflects the value and commitment we offer to each and every client. The feedback from employees across the company has been very positive.”

Tariq Husain, CEO of EKCS, says “It was evident to us, our employees and possibly some of our clients, that we had outgrown our current branding, so it was time to consider a refresh. We now want to embrace a new era of production in a post-covid world.”

Today, EKCS is a fast-paced outsourcing partner delivering high-quality production at speed and scale and our clients who partner with us have been an important part of this journey.


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