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Jul 8, 2022 4:32:05 AM | 4 Minutes read

What is dynamic creative optimization and how can it benefit my brand?

Successful brands market their products and services by telling stories that connect with their audiences on a personal level, and personalization is a popular trend in campaigns. And dynamic creative optimization (DCO) can help with that. As creative production partners, we’re seeing more and more examples of these advertisements being used. 

Dynamic creative is a method of programmatic advertising in which ad components—headlines, descriptions, images, and call-to-actions (CTA)—are changed in real-time according to predefined parameters. 

Common parameters include:

  • time of day
  • weather
  • location 

DCO is used to maximize desired interactions that are driven by the advert, such as click-through and conversion events. In other words - it’s the automatic optimization of advert content that improves performance.   

Dynamic advert content may include:

  • copy
  • colors
  • imagery
  • videos 
  • and the integration of any other information unique to the user

The benefits of DCO for brands

Brands are benefiting from incorporating dynamic creative optimization (DCO) as part of their digital marketing strategy. The benefits include:

Personalization. There is a direct correlation between personalized ads and sales. 
  • Automation. Once the technology is put in place and the parameters are defined, DCO is a fully automated process. 
  • Real-time measurements. DCO enables brands and publishers to address the needs of their audience starting the moment they visit the website.


Food for thought 

Food and beverage companies use geo-targeting and user preferences to serve relevant ads promoting regional menu items, or location-specific specials and events. It can work well in countries where there are multiple time zones, so a US food chain might be displaying a breakfast advert for those in California, whilst displaying a lunchtime advert in Massachusetts.

special-offer -on-beverages

No crumbs!   

In a cookie-less world, a partnership between onsite advertising and DCO is crucial, as brands operate in a competitive landscape. The DCO solution from EKCS uses only first-party data and doesn’t rely on third party data.


Getting help with your DCO   

EKCS is one of the leading suppliers of creative production solutions to global brands, in-house agencies, and publishers. We have launched dynamic advertising solutions for a number of our clients. Get in touch with us to find out more.


Your free guide to DCO   

You can also download our complimentary mini guide to DCO where you’ll discover in more detail:

  • What DCO is and how it works
  • Why does your digital advertising strategy need DCO
  • What products and services can best benefit from this tech

Download link:


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