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Michael Storey joins EKCS


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    Michael Storey joins EKCS

    Introducing Michael Storey, senior consultant at EKCS Michael Storey knows a thing or two...

    EKCS wins Best Business Support Team 2023

    EKCS won the "Best Business Support Team" award at the Penna SummerFest Awards in 2023....

    Should You Be Outsourcing Creative Production in 2023?

    Outsourcing has come a long way since the early days when typically IT work was...

    Meet Jennifer Kisser, EKCS’s new strategic solutions consultant

    Jennifer Kisser joins EKCS as a strategic solutions consultant from the American...

    How can we make creative work better?

    Could in-house production be getting in the way of creativity? In March 2022, EKCS asked...

    What are the economic challenges for IHAs in 2023?

    Now more than ever, in-house agencies and brands are being asked to do more with less....

    Learn the secret

    • How to create a creative work environment.
    • The hybrid approach of creative production - outsourcing while in-housing.
    • Effectively engage with your production partnerfind a perfect creative. production partner.
    • Measure success of creative production outsourcing & more.

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