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How can media and publishing companies benefit from DCO?


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    How can media and publishing companies benefit from DCO?

    Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is increasingly being used nowadays. If you’re a...

    How to find time to be creative

    It was Albert Einstein who said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun." But these days,...

    Top five challenges of UK in-house agencies in 2022

    April marks the start of a new business quarter. And with that comes a new set of...

    The Importance of Keeping Creative In-house

    Does your artworker really want to resize print adverts or your web developer create...

    Let the work just flow

    The approval process is one of the most important part of creative workflow, that if not...

    Delivering more for less

    The cost issue looms large now as Marketing Directors and CMOs are under pressure to...

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    • How to create a creative work environment.
    • The hybrid approach of creative production - outsourcing while in-housing.
    • Effectively engage with your production partnerfind a perfect creative. production partner.
    • Measure success of creative production outsourcing & more.

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