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The outsourcing dilemma - which projects stay and go?


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    The outsourcing dilemma - which projects stay and go?

    The phenomenon of in-house agencies (IHAs), where brands bring the creative skills...

    How brand's internal agencies have demonstrated resilience throughout the pandemic

    Resilience and reinvention helped brands and their in-house agencies sail through the...

    Getting Started with Outsourcing

    Mark Twain once wrote ‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started.’ And, this is true...

    FOMO – Fear of missing out. Your competitors are outsourcing, why aren’t you?

    It was the Ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates who said “The person who desires something...

    EKCS wins Best Business Partner and Best Media Team in Penna’s SummerFest Awards

    EKCS is delighted to win not one award, but two awards, at the recent Penna SummerFest...

    Express KCS is now EKCS

    So you may be wondering: what drove us to rebrand? You could say we’ve outgrown the old...

    Learn the secret

    • How to create a creative work environment.
    • The hybrid approach of creative production - outsourcing while in-housing.
    • Effectively engage with your production partnerfind a perfect creative. production partner.
    • Measure success of creative production outsourcing & more.

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